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All I want for Christmas is...an ACL!

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

#PTgetsPT #ACLReconstruction #PERFECTPatient

It all happens in seconds. One second you are a healthy active thirty-something, and then one step causes structures to fail. I wasnt jumping 20 feet in the air on skis, or making a diving play in some sporting game, or even doing some stupid party trick...I was walking across my yard in the MUD!

I started to slide, and thought "crap" im gonna land in the mud and have to change my clothes, and then my heel caught some solid ground and I felt and heard the POP! I have been a Physical Therapist for 11 years and have many patients tell me about "THE POP"! As I hit the ground holding my knee I thought to myself, "man they are right, its a very distinct sound!"

As I sat on the ground I realized how quickly it all can change, and that I now had to start being the perfect patient. Not because I'm competitive and want to recover better, faster and stronger than those I have treated, but because I have a little lady who deserves the healthy active mom she had seconds before. I also thought that I could approach my healing from an entirely different prospective because this is what I'm an expert at. I made a promise to be the perfect patient and immediately began treatment day one!

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#PTgetsPT #PERFECTpatient #ACLReconstruction As I sat on the ground feeling the cold wetness of the mud seep through my pants I knew, I just knew that I had torn my ACL. I sat for a minute doing a bod