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It's Gone! I know it!

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As I sat on the ground feeling the cold wetness of the mud seep through my pants I knew, I just knew that I had torn my ACL. I sat for a minute doing a body scan and came to the conclusion it was just my knee. Some of you say a torn ACL, thats devastating! But as I sat there, taking stock I was relieved it was just an ACL.

I knew it was gone...but I also know that this happens to be one of the injuries that can be fixed, that people recover from fully, and wouldn't be something that left me with any lasting deficits. I would recover, I would be around to play with my kids for years to come.

I am a big believer in the mental power of healing. And as I came to grips with the fact that my journey just took an unexpected turn, I started to visulize what my healing would look like, and then my husband helped me up out of the mud and I tried to put some weight on my leg.

Immediately, it felt unstable! But I listened to my body and carefully started to MOVE AROUND! It seems counter-intuitive to move an injured joint, especially one that has a major structural failure, but movement actually was the first part of my "prehab". The best way to get rid of inflammation is in fact active muscle contraction, not RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevtion). So ankle pumps it was!

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