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Kelly P. 

I suffered with back pain and persistent migraines for five years after back to back pregnancies. I gave all of myself to my family and work and unfortunately neglected myself. During that time, I lost more and more sleep because of the pain. Bed time just became torturous and I would only accumulate a few hours of broken sleep each night. After several rounds of tests and imagining, a few different doctors, and PT sessions at a different clinic, I finally found Meryl. Meryl helped improve my posture, strengthen my core, and showed me how to properly stretch. I'm happy to report that I'm stronger, no longer suffer from migraines, and get consistent sleep thanks to Meryl. Go see the awesome staff at ELITE. They CAN help!!!

Mike W. 

Extremely welcoming staff and very knowledgeable. I felt that I had made the right choice within minutes of being there. The first visit was very informative and I left feeling great. They also gave me some exercises to do at home that helped me out and I had noticeable mobility after doing them. Would highly recommend!

Kristi B. 

Meryl and Jade are both fantastic physical therapists. My family and I have seen them for numerous ailments over the years. I’m currently in treatment to rehab after surgery on my bicep and shoulder. Even though it’s a love/hate relationship, I look forward to the progress I make from each appointment. I have full confidence in Meryl helping me get back to 100%.

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